About us

Our team, our mission / vision and our values

Elma Zeta Software was founded by experienced and skilled professionals in the field of HR and IT. We incorporate in our Team both HR application consultants, IT programmers specialised in the implementation of the various comprehensive services of Zucchetti’s HR Infinity suite, and IT system analysts with extensive experience in networks and infrastructures.
Our mission is to provide winning solutions to our Clients and their businesses, transforming global challenges in opportunities. We want to be the best and the most reputable in our field
We want to become Zucchetti’s HR partner that focuses the most on clients


Our values

We establish long-term relationships with our Clients based on trust, honesty and transparency.PASSION
We love what we do. We are different because we exceed our Clients’ expectations.

We strive to always be one step ahead. We keep on innovating to help our Clients reach their goals.

Everything we do, we do it for our Clients. Every strategic choice we make is aimed at creating value for their Companies.

Our Clients and Staff make our company what we are. We put people first.